Voku Benefit in Solidarity with Barroso

Monday 24 June 2024, Voku Benefit in Solidarity with Barroso. Food served from 7pm, no reservation.

In Barroso, northern Portugal, the British multinational Savannah Resources, with help from the State and the European Union, wants to open what would become Europe’s first open-pit lithium mine.

Since 2017, the local population has been resisting this prospective mine, which threatens to destroy this region classified as World Agricultural Heritage. We have undertaken legal and direct actions; organized protests and camps; signed petitions and blocked machines.

The company, the State, and the EU call this “green mining”, claiming it is the solution to combat climate change and enable the energy transition. But, in Barroso, nobody forces us to say that gray is green. Nobody forces us to give up the mountains, the rivers, and the history we are guardians of.

This local struggle is an echo of the global resistance. If we succeed in stopping what would be the first and largest open-pit lithium mine in Europe, we will set brutal precedents for future struggles. We know this, just as much as multinationals and governments know it. That is why this struggle is so central. That’s why we fight. And why you should join.

Come to the Voku, or join us this Summer for the Camp in Defense of Barroso (15th – 19th August 2024). https://barrososemminas.org/ […Lees verder]

Cinema Italia: Fantozzi (Luciano Salce, 1975)

Sunday 23 June 2024, FANTOZZI (1975) * Directed by Luciano Salce * 103 min * In Italian with English subtitles * doors open at 20:00, film starts at 20:30. After the film, please engage in sharing comments, ideas, and inspiration with the host(s) of the evening!

A cult film that entered the Italian pop culture, Fantozzi is a sharp critique of white collar’s alienation in modern capitalism, and how the only way to escape is breaking the rules, but, even then, success is far from being guaranteed. Structured in ten episodes, it rotates upon the misadventures of Ugo Fantozzi, his relations with his wife, his colleague Filini, Miss Silvani and others, in situations like Christmas, New Year’s Eve, a trip on the Alps, and so on. A distorted portrait of Italy during its industrialization and the paradoxes of modernisation, which has something to say outside Italy and to contemporaries too.

Film night at Joe’s Garage, cozy cinema! Free entrance. You want to screen a movie, let us know: joe [at] lists [dot] squat [dot] net

Benefit Voku for a Soup Kitchen in Khartoum, by SKRAPS Solidarity Kitchen

Thursday 20 June 2024, Benefit Voku for a Soup Kitchen in Khartoum, by SKRAPS Solidarity Kitchen. Food served from 7pm, no reservation.

We are SKRAPS (Soup Kitchen for Radical Actions and Political Solidarity) [https://radar.squat.net/en/amsterdam/skraps-solidarity-kitchen], a newly emerged cooking collective with the goal of transforming rescued food into tasty vegan dishes, and by that showing solidarity with national and international resistance initiatives.
On this Thursday, we are cooking a wonderful three-course vegan meal from rescued ingredients in Joe’s Garage, raising money for a local soup kitchen in Khartoum, the capital of Sudan.
After over a year of war in Sudan, the living conditions are worsening and there is a lack of electricity, clean water, and food. Today, 18 million people in Sudan face acute hunger. The lower agricultural production due to the war led to soaring prices for food and the ongoing fighting makes it difficult to fetch supplies. The situation in the capital Khartoum and the neighboring city of Omdurman is especially difficult. There, local initiatives for soup kitchens have emerged in different neighborhoods. The Sudanese organization “Hadhreen” together with the Dutch organization “Onderwijs Oost Afrika” is running such a soup kitchen in the Elrayan School, where people are being served their only meal of the day, which helps them survive. […Lees verder]

SkKkrew the Smalltalk! VOKU ZZW Rafelrand 4 Legal Costs

Monday 17 June 2024, SkKkrew the Smalltalk! VOKU ZZW Rafelrand 4 Legal Costs. Food served from 7pm, no reservation.

The aim of this evening is to eat together, and do activities that throw any necessities for small talk out of the window, to help you connect with strangers you’d otherwise be too shy to talk to. Together we draw, play, listen to music and have debates. With your donations, we try to build structures of solidarity, near and far. This time we are raising donations to support comrades’ costs for legal fees, from the recent protests.

Your chickens and nightingales from ZZW Rafelrand
Find ZZW Rafelrand events on Radar https://radar.squat.net/en/amsterdam/zzw-rafelrand […Lees verder]

Radical Sunday School: Kill the nuclear family in your head

Sunday 16 June 2024, Radical Sunday School: Kill the nuclear family in your head. From 17:30 till 20:00.

How does our society push us to pursue romantic relationships whether we want them or not? The idea of the nuclear family (two heterosexual parents and a handful of their biological children) doesn’t just dominate mainstream cis het society, but finds its way into the minds of the queer community. How can we get away from this brainwashing and value all of our important relationships (especially the ones outside the romantic spectrum)? […Lees verder]

Raising Radicals

Sunday 16 June 2024, Raising Radicals, maandelijks op een zondag om 12.00 in Joe’s Garage Amsterdam-Oost! Wees allemaal zeer welkom zondag 16 juni in Joe’s Garage met kids!

Idee is een maandelijks ouder-kind-cafe maar dan een beetje anders. Misschien komt er af en toe een specifiek thema aan bod zoals; welke acties zijn veilig met kinderen en welke niet? Of misschien is er soms een leuke activiteit voor kids, of misschien is het gewoon al leuk genoeg om te kletsen met politieke activistische ouders en kunnen kids lekker met elkaar spelen, klagen over hun hippy-ouders whatever. Alle input en ideeen zijn super welkom, idealiter gaat het zichzelf een beetje organiseren en ben ik alleen de toevallige starter van het geheel….. Stuur graag door naar alle ouders die zich thuis voelen op een plek als Joe’s Garage zodat de eerste keer zo leuk wordt dat we dit vaker willen doen! ♥️&✊🏼✊🏽✊🏿&💩

Idea is a monthly parent-child cafe, but a little different. Perhaps a specific theme is discussed occasionally, such as; which actions are safe with children and which are not? Or maybe there is a fun activity for kids, or maybe it’s just fun enough to chat with political activist parents and kids can play with each other, complain about their hippy parents, whatever. All input and ideas are super welcome, ideally it will organize itself a bit and I am just the coincidental starter of the whole….. Please forward to all parents who feel at home in a place like Joe’s Garage so that the first time It’s going to be so much fun that we want to do this more often!


Aman molli experimental: Exploration of audiovisual interventions in post-rebetiko era

Friday 14 June 2024, Aman molli experimental: Exploration of audiovisual interventions in post-rebetiko era. From 20:00.

Tradition has a tradition in change. This is how rebetiko, a type of Greek urban folk music came about from outcasts and workers as a form of expression around 1920s. In this open workshop we will focus on how to transform tradition by including new analog and digital elements in sound, tempo, lyrics, voice, visuals and compositional style, thus bringing tradition in underexplored territories. Bring your instruments, your ideas, and come to the session with an open mind!

Aman Molli https://radar.squat.net/en/aman-molli

Benefit dinner for T-RRex, Trans Radical Resource exchange

Thursday 13 June 2024, Benefit dinner for T-RRex, Trans Radical Resource exchange. Food served from 7pm, no reservation.

The donations for the food will go to T-RRex, Trans Radical Resource exchange. T-RRex wants to break the stigma and isolation around hormones and self-medication by bringing trans and other gender varient folks together and provide information and safe supplies and just because it is nice to come together. So come by for a yummy plate of food and chat or just for the cosy vibes. […Lees verder]