Concert with Cistem Failure. Smash the Freakin Patriarchy Tour 2016

20160125_Cistem_FailureMonday January 25th 2016, Concert with Cistem Failure. Volkseten Vegazulu, 7pm. Music from 9pm till 10pm!

Anarcha feminist folk punk queers from all over the place, fighting the cisheteropatriarchy one banjo at a time… members include Momma Swift and Roverrr.

“We are a travelling Anarchist feminist queer band. We are involved in different political projects/spaces/struggles and try to combine our words with our actions when we can. We play rowdy political banjo folkpunk. We would like to see more non binary peeps, Transfolk, and female asociated people play music, make zines, take the space in male-dominated music scenes that we all deserve to be part of.
On our lists of things to smash in 2015/2016: Patriarchy, Heteronormativity, Prisons, speciesism, The State, Racist dutch Christmas, RWE, unrealistic Beautystandarts, Borders, Bad consent practices, Capitalism…. We cant do this alone though!”

Smash the Freakin Patriarchy Tour 2016: 25/1 Joe’s Garage – 26/1 Bajesdorp – 27/1 Utrecht, 29/1 AZ Wuppertal, 2/2 Brussel. 3/2 Ghent, 4/2 Paris…. […Lees verder]

Rowdy Acoustic Punk Invasion

20150323_poster_joesgarageMonday March 23rd 2015, Acoustic gig & Volkseten Vegazulu, 7pm. Live music till 10pm!

Rowdy Acoustic Punk Invasion in the Nederlands: The Riot Theys, Rover, Revello & Ash Victim are gonna get all rowdy in yo squat.
ASH VICTIM – acoustic glam folk
REVELLO – acoustic punk
ROVERRR- anarcho-punk folk
THE RIOT THEYS – queer punk folk
There will be VEGAN ROTI as main course and BANANACAKE WITH ICECREAM as dessert. […Lees verder]