LAG benefit voku

Monday 4 october 2021, LAG benefit voku, Volkseten Vegazulu. Food served from 7pm till 9pm, no reservation.

LAG is a hacklab project coming out of the SLUG (Squatting Linux User Group) mesh.
Our main focus is the relationship between politics and technology, both at a practical and theoretical level.
At lag we are interested in ]hacking( and at the same time in questioning what hacking is. We started this place because we wanted a place to share similar interests with other people so feel free to pass by for: installing linux, discussing technical or theoretical ideas, fix your laptop, learn to weave, build a bike, find parts, learn how to encrypt data, make experiments, deconstruct apparatuses, drink coffee, read a book, write a paper, scan a book, look at stuff through a microscope, fix your clothes, share files, take things apart, present something, potter around, add things to this list and share knowledge in any other way you want.
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Benefit for Lesvos Mutual Aid Network

Monday 27 September 2021, Benefit for Lesvos Mutual Aid Network, Volkseten Vegazulu. Food served from 7pm till 9pm, no reservation.

We are a network of comrades and friends active on the Greek island of Lesvos, with ties to collectives and movements that span the globe. We work to build relationships with people on the island, abolishing dominant norms/hierarchies and the socially constructed boundaries between our communities.

As a part of the broader anti-authoritarian movement, we condemn any and all fascist, sexist and racist behavior. We function through our assemblies, where we discuss topics, collectively take decisions and plan actions. We created an environment based on mutual respect where everyone can take part in equal terms, each according to their ability, each according to their needs. Our actions can vary depending on the needs we encounter and the dynamics of the group. We cooperate only with other self-organized structures, like “Women in Solidarity House”, “No Border Kitchen”, “Binio Squat” and other individuals that are active on the ground.

We as anarchists believe in solidarity that comes from the base and stand side by side with people in need, regardless of whether they come from another country, their age, class, ability, gender, the color of their skin or their sexuality. Here on Lesvos, we participate in multiple initiatives on the ground, all grounded in principles of antiracism, anti-authoritarianism, self-organization and mutual aid, each tackling different aspects of this common struggle. […Lees verder]

Rockers (Ted Bafaloukos, 1978)

Sunday 26 September 2021, movie night: Rockers (Ted Bafaloukos, 1978). 100 minutes. Free admission. Doors open at 20:00, Film starts at 20:30

Horsemouth, a drummer living in a ghetto of Kingston, plans to make money selling records. After his prized motorcycle is stolen, his plans fall through and he’s forced to adapt.
Theodoros Bafaloukos’ 1978 film “Rockers” is arguably one of the most authentic and of-the-moment pieces of cinema made in Jamaica during the halcyon days of reggae. When the film screened at Cannes on the same night as Francis Ford Coppola’s “Apocalypse Now,” a crowd of thousands bum-rushed the theater to the point where the riot police had to be called in. A review in Le Monde read: “‘Rockers’ is not a film, it is a work of art. So good it is difficult to believe, yet it is real.”
A native of Andros, Greece, Ted first traveled to Jamaica in 1975 as a freelance photographer and got arrested when he was mistaken for a CIA spy. Shortly after, he moved to the island and lived with the musicians, including his friend Augustus Pablo, who he would eventually cast for “Rockers.” The film’s stars were basically on the frontlines of reggae during a peak moment in the history of the music. “Rockers” is considered a canonical archive of the grass roots of reggae.

Film night at Joe’s Garage, cozy cinema! Free entrance. You want to screen a movie, let us know: joe [at] lists [dot] squat [dot] net

Sweet sixteen and still angry! Protestmanifestatie

[nederlands] [english] [français]

Sweet sixteen and still angry! Protestmanifestatie op 11 september

Joe’s Garage is 16 jaar geleden gekraakt. De kraakgroep Oost is nu zo’n 20 jaar aktief in de Transvaalbuurt, vanaf de kraak van Pretoriussstraat 28 in 2001. We zijn wekelijks open voor de buurt met de weggeefwinkel, het kraakspreekuur, de films en de volkskeuken.
Naast de aktviteiten als kraakgroep met panden als Het Blijvertje en de Valreep hebben we mede aan de wieg gestaan van initiatieven in Oost als Bajesdorp in het Amstelkwartier, de Nieuwland in de Dapperbuurt en binnenkort de Nieuwe Meent aan het Archimedesplantsoen waarbij we panden in collectief eigendom hebben verworven en dat gaan combineren met activiteiten voor en in de buurt.

Ondanks dit alles staat in Amsterdam-Oost/de Transvaalbuurt de sociale verhuur en ander betaalbare woonruimte onder grote druk van speculatie op de woningmarkt, waarbij steeds meer mensen financieel in de knel komen. Steeds meer onzekerheid van je huisvesting vanwege tijdelijkheid en/of betaalbaarheid maken mensen wanhopig.

Goede betaalbare en zekere huisvesting is geen luxe artikel, maar een noodzaak voor een ieder!

We willen onze vejaardag gebruiken om een oproep te doen om aan te sluiten bij het nationale woonprotest.
We willen een einde aan de uitverkoop van Oost, te beginnen in de Transvaalbuurt.
We steunen Het Wonen Protest, en de demonstratie tegen de wooncrisis op 12 september vanaf het Westerpark om 14:00.

Kom spandoeken maken we op het Steve Bikoplein. We organiseren op 11 september een protestmanifestatie tegen de totale uitverkoop van de Transvaalbuurt. Je kan van 14:00 tot 19:00 op het Steve Bikoplein terecht voor de manifestatie, heel veel flyers en leeswek, eten op donatie en muziek.
Tot dan!

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September 2021 at Joe’s Garage

Google free android phone workshop

Wednesday 22 September 2021, workshop how to have a google free android phone, from 18:00 till 20:00.
Google free android phone — F-droid, opensource app alternatives, unlock bootloader, custom roms, custom recovery, root permissions, aurora marketplace, general discussions etc…

Proxy Cafe: fixing computers and tools. Zapatista coffee. Cryptocafe. GNU/Linux. Revive old laptops. Open source and free softwares. Discussing technology. Once a month on a wednesday.

Radar benefit voku

Monday 20 September 2021, Radar benefit, Volkseten Vegazulu. Food served from 7pm till 9pm, no reservation.

Radar an agenda free of commercial interest.
Created by a community of groups announcing their own events, where the dominant power doesn’t decide if it’s worth a mention.
A tool we build together, to organise, socialise, educate.
A tool designed not to track its users, but break from the ‘facebook-like’ gated communities and to promote open sharing.
Radar exists for more than 20 years, since the very begining of Squat!net. Cities like Berlin, Zurich and Amsterdam were the first ones to join. The network never stopped expending.
Today in Berlin, Kontrapolis is displaying events originally published on Radar. Other collectives, spaces around Europe saw the same opportunity, for instance Koch Areal in Zurich, Disgaraca in Lisbon, Espace Autogéré in Lausanne, Nattsvart Verkstad in Stockholm, the Barricade in Utrecht.
Today in Amsterdam, various groups are making themselves visible on Radar. Not everybody has been swallowed by corporate facebook and twitter. We can only encourage you to make your collectives, spaces visible on Radar, even more if you are outside the Netherlands. We’re eager to know what you’re doing through a network like Radar. And if you are near by, come along and support Radar on 7 september at the Molli and 20 september at Joe’s Garage. […Lees verder]


Can Dialectics Break Bricks Cinema: Coming Home (Hal Ashby, 1978)

Sunday 19 September 2021, Can Dialectics Break Bricks Cinema: Coming Home (Hal Ashby, 1978), 126 minutes, in English with English subtitles. High-definition screening. Free admission. Doors open at 20:00, Film starts at 20:30

Directed by one of American’s greatest filmmakers Hal Ashby, this was a groundbreaking film when it hit the cinemas… and it’s another of those films whose message is even more relevant today than when it was made. Some films fade over time, and others get richer.

Coming Home stars a young Jon Voight (Midnight Cowboy), Bruce Dern (Nebraska) and Jane Fonda. It should be remembered that Jane Fonda had made a lot of enemies around the time when this film was made. She had gone to Vietnam during the war in 1972 and made pictures with the so-called “enemies”. She said the American bombings of Vietnam constituted a war crime, and denounced American soldiers as war criminals. Many Americans of course couldn’t see her point… there was a smear campaign built against her in the States; they called her “Hanoi Jane” and clamored for her neck, saying she should be tried for treason. Many would have lynched her if they had the chance.

Coming Home is based on Jane’s friendship with Ron Kovic, whose autobiographical book Born on the Fourth of July would later be made into a film by Oliver Stone. This movie came out roughly at the same time as a few other films that dealt with the effects of the war at home in America…. of the damaged soldiers who were returning. But where the other films, like The Deer Hunter, relied on “flashbacks” of the war to show its violence and horror, this film was far more intelligent… not showing any violence at all, only the devastating emotional impact.

The soundtrack is made of the music of the times (Rolling Stones, Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, etc.), but it’s especially the music of Tim Buckley (the father of Jeff) which captures better than anything else director Hal Ashby’s mood and scorching sentiment. Winner of three Academy Awards (best actress, actor and script) back in the days when the Academy sometimes took risks.

Film night at Joe’s Garage, cozy cinema! Free entrance. You want to screen a movie, let us know: joe [at] lists [dot] squat [dot] net