Benefit for No Border Kitchen Lesvos

Thursday May 21st 2020, No Border Kitchen Lesvos Benefit, Volkseten Vegazulu, Take Away People’s kitchen, vegan food, no reservation necessary (or possible!). Falafel with salad n’ sides! Pick up food from 7pm till 8:30pm. See you on the Steve Bikoplein.

Today’s meal is a benefit for No Border Kitchen Lesvos. This is what they do:
A message from Lesvos to Amsterdam.
Lesvos, Greece. A beautiful Island. The Biggest Prison in Europe.
No Border Kitchen is a horizontal and self-organised collective with and for the people on the move on the Greek Island of Lesvos. Since 2015, we have been providing basic needs to the people that are left behind at the walls of Fortress Europe. We provide support mainly in two ways. We provide cooked food every day to about 300 people in the Mytillni area. This is mostly aimed at people that are either forced to stay in the streets or are living in squats, rented houses or somewhere slightly outside of the city. Then there is the food-boxes. A food-box contains dry food, oil and fresh vegetables and is meant to support people that are living in Mytillini and pay rent but get no state support. We want to provide these things to make it more accessible for people to live outside of the refugee camp, Moria. With the donations we have been receiving recently we have been able to upgrade the food-boxes with hygiene items and some other things that were to expansive before, like coffee, spices and better quality vegetables.
A silent war is being waged in the Aegean and the Central Med. A new cold war, with migrants as the nuclear weapons of the 21st century. Since November of last year, with the announcement of amendments to the Greek migration & asylum laws, we have been bracing for the start of 2020.

And so far, it has been not been great. Starting from February there has been an increase in xenophobic groups attacking migrants, activists and volunteers. After a period of increased threats and violence, the Covid-19 measures started. This put a temporary stop to the violence but made continuing our day to day activities rather difficult. However, we were able to find a way to continue our work. With the implementation of the amendment to the Greek migration & asylum laws we are entering a new era of racism and oppression against people on the move. They aim to deport a greater group of people with maximum efficiency. Already on the sea border the amount of illegal acts has also increased. Under cover of night, boats that try to reach Greece via sea have their engines disabled and are being set adrift towards Turkish waters by the Hellenic Coast Guard.
This will send a message to all the people that want to try to get to Europe.
The message is: “If you try to get here, you will be held in a camp isolated from the rest of the world with nothing and if you are not recognised as a ‘legitimate’ refugee we will send you right back where you came from”.
The idea that migrants are so radically different from us is false. National identities are made up. And they are made so that it appears as though we have more in common with millionaires or career politicians than with people who risk everything seeking the same thing most of the people in the world want: Safety.
No Border Kitchen Lesvos

Nieuw Amsterdams Beleid: Geen ontruiming voor leegstand…

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Als kraker in Amsterdam is het pijnlijk terugkijken op het afgelopen jaar. 2019 deelde harde klappen uit aan een beweging die niet veel meer leek te kunnen doen dan incasseren. De stad heeft haar grootste kraakpanden verloren en ondanks vele kraakacties zijn er nauwelijks nieuwe panden die het tot het eind van het jaar hebben gered. Verder probeerden politici op nationaal niveau een wet door te voeren om krakers nog verder te criminaliseren, berichtte de media keer op keer over hoe arme pandeigenaren steeds weer gedupeerd worden door deze groeperingen, en als klap op de vuurpijl sluit de burgemeester het jaar af met het bericht over een nieuw kraakbeleid dat is ontworpen om de hele boel keihard aan te gaan pakken.
Van begin tot eind lijkt er niet veel meer te zeggen dan dat 2019 een behoorlijk troosteloos jaar was en het moeilijk zal zijn een hoopvol beeld te schetsen voor kraken in Amsterdam in 2020.

We kijken terug op een jaar waarin we vooral veel verloren hebben. […Lees verder]

Amsterdam’s New Policy: No Eviction for Emptiness…

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As a squatter in Amsterdam, looking back on the past year is painful. 2019 dealt heavy blows to a movement that didn’t seem capable of much more than taking the beating. The city has lost its largest squats and despite numerous squatting actions, hardly any new buildings have survived the end of the year. What’s more, politicians tried to introduce a law at national level to further criminalise squatters while the media reported time and time again how afflicted property owners are being deceived repeatedly by squatters. To top it all off, the mayor concludes the year with a report on a new policy designed to implement a more rigorous approach to squatting.
There’s not much left to say beyond 2019 having been a rather grim year, making it difficult to paint a hopeful picture for squatting in Amsterdam in 2020.

We look back on a year in which we, above all, lost a lot. […Lees verder]

La nouvelle politique d’Amsterdam : Pas d’expulsion pour du vide…

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En tant que squatteur à Amsterdam, il est douloureux de faire le bilan de l’année écoulée. L’année 2019 a porté un coup dur à un mouvement qui ne semblait pas capable de faire mieux que de prendre la raclée. La ville a perdu ses plus grands squats et malgré de nombreuses ouvertures, presque aucun nouveau squat n’a survécu à la fin de l’année. De plus, les politicienn-e-s ont essayé d’introduire une loi au niveau national pour criminaliser davantage les squatters, tandis que les médias ont rapporté à maintes reprises comment les propriétaires affligés sont trompés à répétition par les squatters. Pour couronner le tout, le maire conclut l’année avec un rapport sur une nouvelle politique visant à mettre en place une approche plus rigide sur les squats.
Il ne reste pas grand-chose à dire au-delà de 2019, année plutôt sombre, ce qui rend difficile de brosser un tableau optimiste des squats à Amsterdam en 2020.

Nous nous souvenons d’une année au cours de laquelle nous avons beaucoup perdu. […Lees verder]

March 2020 at Joe’s Garage

What’s going on in Chile? Sunday 1srt March

Anarchist Group Amsterdam and Joe’s Garage collective are organizing two events in Amsterdam in solidarity with protests in Chile.

Chile is one of the wealthiest and unequal countries in Latin America at the same time. 1% of the population in Chile controls 26.5% of the country’s wealth, while 50% of low-income households access 2.1%.
Despite this fact, in October 2019 the Chilean government decided to increase public transport fares by 4% ignoring its social significance. It led to the protests and the biggest civil unrest having occurred in Chile since the end of Augusto Pinochet’s military dictatorship. People’s demands quickly grew from keeping public transport fares to more broad anti-neoliberal claims. The government replied with Excessive use of force. As of 26 October, 19 people have died, nearly 2,500 have been injured, and 2,840 have been arrested. Human rights organizations have received several reports of violations conducted against protesters, including torture, sexual abuse, and rape. According to Amnesty International, “the intention of the Chilean security forces is clear: to injure demonstrators in order to discourage protest.”. In fact, they didn’t succeed and protests are still happening until the present day.

To learn more about events happening in Chile and express your solidarity please come to our events:

Saturday, February 22, 18:00, Bollox, Eerste Schinkel­straat 14-16, Amsterdam – info talk from Chile/Belgian collective
Sunday, March 1, Joe’s Garage, Pretoriusstraat 43, Amsterdam – food and movie night

February 2020 at Joe’s Garage

January 2020 at Joe’s Garage