Solidarity Voku for Stop Gaza Starvation – Urgent Aid to Gaza

Thursday 25 April 2024, Solidarity Voku for Stop Gaza Starvation – Urgent Aid to Gaza . Food served from 7pm, no reservation.

In the face of the genocide war waged by Israeli occupation in Gaza and the ethnic cleansing campaign in West Bank, where the Palestinian people are besieged that threatens their very existence, the Union of Agricultural Work Committees in Palestine is launching an international relief campaign. This initiative is a clarion call to the global community, an urgent plea for solidarity to provide tens of thousands affected by bombardment and destruction with food, water, and the essentials of life, ensuring their resilience and continuity despite the harshness of the occupier’s crimes.
This campaign is more than a gesture of aid; it is a stand against the erasure of a people, a testament to the belief that the dignity and lives of Palestinians are as sacred as any on this planet. We reach out to the world’s free spirits to echo the voices of the afflicted and convey a message of unity and support, to affirm they are not alone in this struggle.
The Palestinian people endure an unprecedented injustice and look to the world’s defenders of freedom to stand with them. This is a message of liberty and human dignity that must resonate across the globe.
As we, the Union of Agricultural Work Committees, spearhead this international campaign, we are joined by a coalition of partners and allies worldwide. Their engagement in this campaign amplifies our call, aiming to turn the tide of suffering into a wave of support. You can consult here the actions carried out with the donations received: Campaign report 27/12
The use of starvation by the Israeli occupation as a weapon in its deplorable warfare against 2.3 million Palestinians is an affront to humanity, demanding global action to expose and hold accountable those responsible.
Together, we strive for liberty and sovereignty, for a future where the children of Palestine can live with the same prospects and peace afforded to children around the world.  […Lees verder]

Proxy Cafe – Smash the firewall: digital defense for the misfits

Wednesday 24 April 2024 from 18:00 to 22:00, Proxy Cafe – Smash the firewall: digital defense for the misfits

Do you sense that whisper of paranoia lingering in the air?
Well, we’ve got your back. We’re going to share some hard-earned lessons about staying safe and secure in the digital world – aimed at people in squats and involved in radical movements.
We won’t be diving deep into technical details, but rather covering all the essentials: like passwords, data security, browsing habits, smartphone usage, and metadata. Most importantly, we’ll discuss what it means to stay anonymous and understand potential threats models.
The content is based on a presentation that’s been touring squats and radical spaces in Italy, put together by the folks at the _TO* hacklab.
You can check out the original slides here, in italian:

Proxy Cafe, free software workshops. Discussing tech and politics, GNU/Linux, fixing computers and revive old laptops, free and opensource software workshops. Zapatista coffee. […Lees verder]

Benefit Voku for Greek Comrades legal costs

Monday 22 April 2024, Benefit Voku for Greek Comrades legal costs. Food served from 7pm, no reservation.

In April 2018 on the Greek island of Lesvos, a group of 200-300 fascists attacked a group of residents of the former Moria camp. The pogrom lasted all night, throughout the city centre of Mytilene. The police eventually evacuated the square but only after dozens were left injured, with Greek flags and fascist slogans plastered across the town. Before this, a group of comrades intervened to help those under attack and drive the fascists away. For this, they were arrested and then prosecuted on outrageous charges. Tonight’s benefit dinner goes towards supporting their ongoing legal costs. […Lees verder]

Concert with Yiannis Chaldoupis & Nikos Tsop (Greek Gypsy World Music with a twist)

Sunday 21 April 2024, Concert with Yiannis Chaldoupis & Nikos Tsop (Greek Gypsy World Music with a twist). This is an early concert, donations welcome, please come on time, from 18:00. Live music is over by 22:00.Yiannis Chaldoupis plays clarinet. He is part of the gypsy community in Parakalamos, Epirus. Within the Epirotika, this group is responsible for creating a certain style within the Epirotika. Heavier, more melancholic, psychedelic. Yiannis is known for his virtuoso playing that can go in many directions, but never loses sight of tradition. He was a founding member of the Villagers of Ioannina City. It’s not the first appearance from Yiannis at Joe’s Garage. In April 2022, Yiannis visited a concert organised by Aman Molli and jumped on the stage with his clarinet.
Nikos Tsop is from Thessaloniki and graduated from the Utrecht Conservatory. He writes songs, plays guitar and sings. He is a very talented young musician. […Lees verder]

Benefit VoKu to help pay for a comrades legal expenses

Thursday 18 April 2024, Benefit VoKu to help pay for a comrades legal expenses. Food served from 7pm, no reservation.

Come eat some yummy food at Joe’s on April 18th. The money made will help pay the fine for an Anarcha-feminist comrade arrested for spray painting a tram during an abortion rights demonstration. […Lees verder]

Koken tegen Fascisme

Monday 15 April 2024, Koken tegen Fascisme. Food served from 7pm, no reservation.

We will cook against fascism again to help cover costs of past, present and future actions. Together we can (b)eat fascism! We hope to see you in Joe’s Garage. […Lees verder]

Radical Sunday School Birthday Party

Sunday 14 April 2024, Radical Sunday School BIRTHDAY PARTY: Food, Workshops, Drag, Performances, Live Music! From 13:00 till 22:00.
Radical Sunday School is turning one! Since April 2nd 2023 we have been hosting all types of workshops, discussions, and skillshares almost every week (bit of a stretch) for one year and WE WANT TO CELEBRATE!

Come join us for a whole day programme. Get cosy at Joe’s this Sunday and join four amazing workshops and enjoy dinner while watching a drag show, and smoothly transition to a night full of performances, theatre, and live music to make a day and night you cannot forget. SKRAPS Solidarity Kitchen is helping us to serve lunch and dinner, on donation to fill up the funds of the RSS, so we can facilitate even better workshops in the spirit of revolutionairy learning! Thank you to everyone who has been with us and who is curious to see what we do!

Drop in and out whenever – for the workshops, for the shows, for the company. We are so happy to celebrate this year with all of you! […Lees verder]

Solidarity Voku for Belarusian Political Prisoners

Thursday 11 April 2024, Solidarity Voku for Belarusian Political Prisoners. Food served from 7pm, no reservation.

Join our vegan Voku diner in solidarity with Belarusian political prisoners. Currently, 1595 people are imprisoned following mass resistance to illegitimate elections of 2020. Although we cannot directly contact political prisoners, we can still support them financially. The donations will go towards (food) parcels, legal fees, newspaper and magazine subscriptions, etc. As the situation in Belarus is not improving, the least we can do is continue to support those serving time for resisting the repression. […Lees verder]