Voku in support of Students

Monday 13 May 2024, Voku in support of Students. Food served from 7pm, no reservation.

There will be free soup and a plate of food in exchange for a donation. Donations will go to students. If you are affected by the demonstrations, please come and eat for free. Otherwise, donations are encouraged! […Lees verder]

Can Dialectics Break Bricks Cinema: Killer of Sheep (Charles Burnett, 1978)

Sunday 12 May 2024, Can Dialectics Break Bricks Cinema: Killer of Sheep * 1978 * Directed by Charles Burnett * 80 minutes * In English* free screening * doors open at 8pm * intro & film start at 8.30

Back in the 1970s there was a defiant wave of black filmmakers on the West Coast of America that would later be known as the L.A. Rebellion. This movement broke out of the film department at U.C.L.A, so their movies were mostly based in Los Angeles. And since the filmmakers were primarily black, the films were exposing the poverty, violence, and everyday racism that their communities endured. One of the key directors that emerged from this movement was Charles Burnett, and this was his debut.. The depiction of his community was so tenderly and honestly rendered in this flick, that it became legendary even though it was pushed underground and never shown to a mass public audience.

What’s the story of this film?I don’t want to say very much, because everybody is fixated on stories. The Killer of Sheep focuses on the slums of Watts during the late 70s. It’s about a guy who dreams, but who is forced to work in a slaughterhouse. It’s about his family, and the world around him. That’s all I will say, and let the movie unfold for itself.

Today a lot of people in universities seem to get off on using sophisticated academic language that separates them from everyone else. This creates a clique or an elite group that ends up basically just talking amongst each other. This is the last thing we need. Back in the 70s this was much less of a problem, and someone like Charles Burnett was able to speak in a human way, and on a human level. This didn’t preclude experimentation or creativity. In fact it was exactly the opposite. The members of the L.A. Rebellion wanted to redefine the aesthetics of cinema, but to do that, they didn’t resort to academia to define their new forms, they instead went into the streets. Too many artists are creating with their head these days, and not with their heart. They are convinced that the heart can’t be creative, but they are so wrong. This film is a perfect example of this.

Film night at Joe’s Garage, cozy cinema! Free entrance. You want to screen a movie, let us know: joe [at] lists [dot] squat [dot] net

Radical Sunday School: Burnt Out? Health and Illness Under Post-Fordism

Sunday 12 May 2024, Radical Sunday School: Burnt Out? Health and Illness Under Post-Fordism. From 18:00 till 20:00.After the Second World War, the dominant mode of the organisation of economic production was Fordist, meaning that workers were employed in large factories on permanent contracts mainly performing carefully determined physical labour that did not require much creativity. However, during the 1970s, a shift occurred in this mode of production and the new era is often referred to as post-Fordist. This means that nowadays, workers are more likely to be employed on fixed-term contracts, working several part-time jobs rather than one full-time one, and performing more emotional, intellectual, or creative labour. The use of the term burnout emerged together with post-Fordism and it became a very popular buzzword. We often use it to describe any negative feelings we have that are related to work. But what does this term actually mean? How accurately does it describe our lived experiences? How can we regain control over our perspective on health, illness, and work?

[…Lees verder]

All Crafts Are Beautiful

Sunday, May 12, 2024, All Crafts Are Beautiful, new monthly event at Joe’s Garage, every second sunday of the month from 14:00 till 18:00.

Doe deze zondag met ons mee voor All Crafts Are Beautiful! Er is een tijd om samen de barricades op te gaan en er is een tijd om samen te komen om het samenkomen. Kom en breng je eigen handwerkproject mee of leer nieuwe vaardigheden van anderen zoals breien, haken, repareren enz.
14:00-18:00 elke tweede zondag van de maand at Joe’s Garage.

Join us this Sunday for All Crafts Are Beautiful! There is a time to go on the barricades together and the is a time to come together for the sake of coming together. Come and bring your own craft project or learn new skills from others like knitting, crocheting, repairing etc.
14:00-18:00 every second sunday of the month at Joe’s Garage.

Presentation and discussion on the book Casa Encantada, portrait of the struggle for housing in Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Saturday 11 May 2024, 20:00, presentation and discussion on the book Casa Encantada, portrait of the struggle for housing in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

The book “Casa Encantada (Enchanted House) – Portrait of the struggle for housing in Belo Horizonte during the pandemic” presents illustrations, photographs, and interviews with squatters from Belo Horizonte in 2022 and 2023. Two Brazilian organizers and squatters document nearly 20 abandoned houses in the center of the state of Minas Gerais that have been transformed into social and cultural spaces for people who were homeless and particularly vulnerable during the pandemic.

During the discussion, the comrades from the Kasa Invisível squat will delve into the contexts of the squatting movement and the struggle for land and living spaces in Belo Horizonte. The city is home to at least 100,000 people living in squatted buildings, houses, or territories and hosts one of the largest land conflicts in Latin America. The discussion aims to foster international connections and solidarity.

To support the campaign on Fire Fund: https://www.firefund.net/casaencantada
Kasa Invisível https://kasainvisivel.org/

Proxy Cafe – The Pirate’s Guide to the (web)Galaxy

Wednesday 8 May 2024 from 18:00 to 22:00, Proxy Cafe – The Pirate’s Guide to the (web)Galaxy

Ahoy mateys! If ye shed a tear when Netflix forbade sharin’ accounts, or if ye be plum tuckered from listenin’ to Spotify’s bilge rat ads, don’t miss out on this evenin’ at Proxy Cafe. Bring yer own barnacle-covered laptop, an’ we’ll explore a bounty o’ protocols fer file sharin’ an’ bring back some nostalgia on the history o’ internet piracy. From Gnutella to PirateBay, an’ to whatever new adventures await on the high seas. Arrrr!

If you also cried when Netflix forbid sharing accounts, or if you are tired of listening to Spotify’s advertisements don’t miss out this evening at Proxy Cafe. Bring your own laptop, we will explore tons of protocols for file sharing and bring back some nostalgia on the history of internet piracy. From Gnutella to PirateBay, and to whatever is next.

Proxy Cafe, free software workshops. Discussing tech and politics, GNU/Linux, fixing computers and revive old laptops, free and opensource software workshops. Zapatista coffee. […Lees verder]

Benefit Voku for Darfur Women Action Group, Sudan, by SKRAPS Solidarity Kitchen

Monday 6 May 2024, Benefit Voku for Darfur Women Action Group, Sudan, by SKRAPS Solidarity Kitchen. Food served from 7pm, no reservation.

We are SKRAPS (Soup Kitchen for Radical Actions and Political Solidarity), a newly emerged cooking collective with the goal of transforming rescued food into tasty vegan dishes, and by that showing solidarity with national and international resistance initiatives.
On this Monday, we are cooking a wonderful three-course vegan meal from rescued ingredients in Joe’s Garage, raising money for “Darfur Women Action Group” in Sudan. “Darfur Women Action Group” is a women-led anti-atrocities nonprofit organization founded by a Darfuri genocide survivor to amplify the voices and empower the affected communities of the genocide in Darfur, both in Sudan and in the diaspora. It does this by providing genocide survivors with tools to combat violence, address massive human rights abuses in their societies, and work with others to prevent future atrocities while promoting global peace. Among other projects, they provide education for children living in camps, skills training, trauma counseling and psychosocial support for women survivors of sexual violence, as well as leadership and capacity building trainings for women.
After over a year of civil war in Sudan, the living conditions are worsening, and sexual violence is becoming more frequent. This is especially affecting indigenous people in Darfur, which have been subject to a government-led genocidal campaign since 2002. “Darfur Women Action Group” state “While the world turns a blind eye, we say no to the silent conspiracy against the Darfur genocide and decide to stand firm and make our voices even louder in demanding accountability, protection, and peace.” […Lees verder]

May 2024 at Joe’s Garage