Multimedia – Housing struggles and resistance against forced evictions

During our “Rent Rebels” benefit cooking last Monday we were screening a couple of short film to give some context to the “Rent Rebels – against the sale out of the city” documentary screening and discussion about necessary housing struggles in Berlin and Amsterdam that is taking place on the 21th and 22nd of November. Take a look below to watch the five short movies we screened in Joe’s if you missed the evening and come along on the 21th or 22nd of November, tell your friends and comrades and participate in the open discussion with housing activists from Berlin. […Lees verder]

Benefit Voku: Rent Rebels

Monday November 10th 2014, Benefit Voku: Rent Rebels, against the sale out of the city. Volkseten Vegazulu, 7pm

[nederlands beneden]. Tonight Joe’s Garage is cooking for an info and experiencüe exchange days we plan in November on the 21th at Joes and the 22th at the Pluk van Senecaflat. During the evening we will screen short films about housing struggles in Berlin, Cologne and Madrid.

On the weekend of 21th and 22nd we are welcomming people from Berlin to screen with us the very recent film about the Renter Rebels in the Berlin, a quite popular and diverse movement that emerged in the last couple of years and that struggles against massive gentrification and the forced evictions of renters that take place in at high pace. That weekend shall serve as space for discussion and exchange with the people from Berlin, about experiences being made in struggle, the urban restructuring that goes on in Berlin, and the self-organisation of all kinds of people to fight against it. […Lees verder]

Benefit voku and infonight flashback about squatting around 2005 and liquidated landlords

Monday November 3rd 2014, Benefit voku and infonight flashback about squatting around 2005 and liquidated landlords, Volkseten Vegazulu, 7pm

Afgelopen 24 september kwam de gerechtsdeurwaarder langs bij inmiddels hoogbejaarde gepensioneerde leden van de kraakbeweging. De staat wilde graag geld vangen van een kostenveroordeling van een rechtzaak uit maart 2006. Alsjemenou! Wat ging er acht en half jaar geleden mis?

flashback: Onderstaande bericht lenen wij van Indymedia alwaar dit werd gepost onder het door ons gepubliceerde persbericht over het kraken van criminele panden. De bewoners van de Van Ostadestraat 137 weten hierover mee te praten:

Kraken van Kriminelen: Van Ostadestraat 137, door de bewoners Van Ostadestraat 137, (Januari 2006) […Lees verder]

Info-night and benefit for Prosfygika occupied neighbourhood in Athens, Greece

Monday October 27th 2014: Info-night and benefit for Prosfygika occupied neighbourhood in Athens, Greece, Volkseten Vegazulu, 19:00.

“Prosfygika”, or otherwise refugee homes, is a complex of residential flats built in 1930’s to house refugees resulting from the Asia Minor conflict between Greece and Turkey. The buildings are situated on a central avenue of Athens, surrounded on either side by the police HQ and the supreme court, in a heavily gentrified area . After years of abandonment, Prosfygika has been increasingly reclaiming its original purpose as many refugees, migrants, poor, greek and foreigner working class people have sought to resolve their need for housing by squatting the empty flats.

For some years now, people from the neighbourhood have organized on the basis of collective procedures and communal resources in order to meet the daily and particular needs of the neighbourhood. The ceaseless activity of the community of Occupied Prosfygika includes building maintenance, baking bread, collective cooking, laundry facilities, making soap, a school for migrants and locals and hosting refugees on emergency basis. The evolution of the self organized community has emerged from the initiatives of an assembly with horizontal procedures (which has been active in the neighbourhood since 2011). This assembly participates in the movement of class and social struggle expressing its solidarity in a number of ways. […Lees verder]

Movie night: Ekümenopolis – city without limits (Turkey, 2011)

Sunday October 12th 2014, Ekümenopolis – city without limits. Directed by Imre Azem 2011, 93 minutes, in Turkish with English subtitles. Door opens at 8pm, film begins at 9pm.

Eukemonopolis is documentation about neo liberal city development in Istanbul and the aspiration of its political leaders of turning it into a global city, one of those cities like London, Tokyo, Amsterdam or São Paulo, that shape globalisation and form the network of global cities where the service, banking and real estate businesses accumulate, where mega events takes place and a hegemonial hipster culture is cultivated. While the global alpha, beta and gamma cities posses the intellectual knowledge, tools and power the global division of labour is further extended, with the majority of factory production being outsourced to those parts of the world where people earn a shit for their 60 hours working week, have no labour rights whatsoever and endanger their health and well being by working in super precarious conditions, let alone the environmental destruction that this system of global division of labour provokes. Eukomonopolis shows quite in detail what the negative effects of repressive neo liberal urban development in Istanbul mean to local citizens and to the city’s natural environment while it also explains concepts like the global city (which was developed by Saskia Sassen) so that we can look at our own living environment and have more tools at hand to better understand what happens around us and affects us. We can develop strategies and actions to be solidare with the exploited people worldwide and get active locally in order to develop and realise our own strategies in contrast to that what is opposed on us by the state and its institutions, urban planners and the capitalistic system.

As further background  we want to provide a text about urban development in the city which is part of more a comprehensive report about squatting in the Istanbul and a collection of reports about radical grassroots neighborhood and factory organisation provided by the the solidarity campaign for left neighborhoods in Istanbul, translated from german to english. Even though the documentary does not relate those particular stories, those texts may shed some light on local resistance against the urban development that takes place in the city.

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Infonight about squatting in Czech Republic with soup & movie ‘Occupy and Live’

Sunday December 15th 2013, Infonight about squatting in Czech Republic. Door opens at 8pm with soup, then info and film, Occupy and Live!(OBSAĎ A ŽIJ!/VZPOMÍNKY NA BUDOUCNOST), the film is with English subtitles.

Czech documentary film about the event ‘Memories of the Future’. A documentary about a squatting action on August 31st 2013, dilapidated buildings were occupied in Prague.

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Czech Squatting Activism Infonight

Sunday June 10th 2012, Infoavond, 20uur: Czech Squatting Activism Infonight

After the eviction of Milada in 2009, what is left of squatting in Czech Republic? Joe’s already hosted benefits for the Project DVP []. If you don’t get much of the Czech language on these Squat!net pages [], you’ll get a full update in english. Prague has its own infoshop called ‘Infocentrum Salé’ [], Brno has the Pelec infoshop []. People from the Cibulka squat and from DVP will be around. After several evictions and resquats, Cibulka is still alive [] organizing on June 9th a public event for kids [].

“English week” – info evening on squatting in London

[nl] [English below]
Het Joe’s collectief heeft wat met Engeland. Sommigen komen er vandaan, anderen gaan er binnenkort heen verhuizen, vaak hebben we logees van over het kanaal, kortom, tijd om dat eens goed in de verf te zetten.

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